Saturday, January 29, 2022

28mm Oil Rig for SPECTRE Operations (practically) finished

 It can use some more details and a few better magnets for the attachment of the stairs and antennae but my oil rig gaming table center piece is ready for its first game! See how I built it here

So I am shamelessly showing it off in this blog.  ­čść

The elevator to the top deck in pylon 4

The Helicopter deck

Crew quarters 

Workshop and submarine storage

Some unforeseen drilling results

Control room interior

Elevator exit top deck and office

The rig all taken apart and compact for transport and storage

And of course some highly qualified personnel...

Sunday, January 23, 2022

The final figures for the Vietnam project.....for now.

 For now the final ones. All that remains now is some more terrain: rice paddies and colonial buildings. And then the wait is for new releases. 

DCC 1/43 diecast Jeep plus Empress 28mm crew

Empress USMC mortar and crew

USMC with .50cal and M16 with night scope

USMC medics

Gn Sgt Hartmann & Pvt Pyle

Type 54 recoilless rifle on the move

Type 54 recoilless rifle at the ready

Vietnamese mortar with crew

An M40 recoilless rifle for the Marines and a commander for my Ontos