Saturday, March 20, 2021

Baba Yaga's hut: a how-to

I have always been fascinated by Baba Yaga, the cannibalistic witch from Russian folklore that flew around in a vice and lived in a house walking on huge chicken legs. Especially her hut promised to be a great building project. 

It had been brewing in the back of my head for a while now. Finding the right legs took some time but eventually I found a cheap plastic T-Rex with the perfect locomotive gear. And so the building could commence. 

The actual hut was a simple foamboard box with a peaked roof. I cladded it with coffee stirrers to get that classic Russian timbered look. 

I sawed the legs off the T-Rex and re-sculpted parts of them, as the ugly hinge parts had to be obscured of course. 

Then I followed my tried and proven method of cardboard roof tiles.

And a matchstick porch.

I sawed off the legs at a slight angle to give the impression that the house was actually moving, tilting slightly forward but not too much to topple any figures I would want to put on the porch. 

And then it was time for priming and painting. I got the chance to try out my newly acquired airbrush for the underlaying colours and finished it with brushes

As an afterthought I added some suitable gruesome Baba Yaga details, as I thought the house of a cannibal witch would look a bit less cosy. 

Witch figure shown for scale. She is a 28mm Westwind figure.