Wednesday, February 10, 2016

PolderCon 2016: bigger and better!

After months of preparation the second edition of PolderCon finally became reality. 

The idea was conceived a few years ago by two friends who liked the idea of a convention where you could play all day instead of just watching and buying stuff. The first 2015 edition received quite favorable feedback so it was no wonder we were encouraged to try and improve on it! 

PolderCon is almost completely crewed by volunteers. All participation games and workshops are hosted by hobby enthousisasts who share their passion and skills with the visitors. There are a few traders present who support the games and workshops but the main event is Play and Do! 

So last Sunday in the deep of night (well in the early morning actually) we gathered in Utrecht for games and fun. 

The first coffee, an absolute essential!

Building up before the visitors arrive. 

One of our foreign guests, mr Richard Clarke of Too Fat Lardies eagerly anticipating hs game! 

My invaluable better half welcoming hosts and visitors alike (and taking their money from them).

And off we went! Visitors could register for a maximum of four activities of their choice. We hosted a grand total of 27 games, workshops and Celebrity Talks and a copious lunch in the middle, all included in the entry fee. 

Here the concentration is palpable in the kitbash/conversion workshop by Manoah.  

Of course there was a Painting workshop wherein Maartje and Pascal gave insight in their arcane skills with brushes and paint.

Shifting Lands' Gerard introduced people into the sheer limitless possibilities of styrofoam. 

And then there were games, lots and lots of games! 

Below WSS editor Guy Bowers shares his new game Black Ops with some guests.

Richard Evers' stunning Ancient naval wargame was a favorite of mine.

In one of the Celebrity Talks Richard Clarke shares his insights into game design. 

Last year's newcomers Imaginiative Miniatures 

Warlord's Andrew Chesney graced our event with his visit and took part in a Celebrity talk about the future of wargaming.

One of our Belgian guests gathering intelligence...

Definitely deserving mention here is Marcel of Pear Shaped Miniatures and his unique sculpting workshop!

Mr Clarke enjoying his own rules on Eltjo's award-winning table.

Wooden SHips & Iron Men, a well-loved classic hosted by my own local gaming club.

And there were lots of chats!

Fellow organizers Jasper and Patrick hosted a Land of the Free game, a new AWI game that has already spawned a mysterious apple pie related tradition....

For some of us the long hours at the cash register posed a particular challenge, well met in a very creative way !

And of course there was ample opportunity to enjoy a extensive lunch!

And play on!

My boy introducing people to Shadows of Brimstone

My God what have we done? 

Of course there were goodie bags, generously filled by our sponsors. Some people couldn't wait to get home and started on the contents immediately!

And then it was over! See you next time!