Monday, March 23, 2020

Photography Display base: jungle

I often photograph my minis on a display base, so that they have a nice background and seem to be placed in wargaming terrain or a diorama. With the Vietnam project I needed a jungle display base so I set out to make one.

The basis for the material was extended foam, cut with a hot wire cutter. A base, some props in the foreground and a printed background would form the basic plan.

It was basically extended foam and some things from the bit box, like an interesting piece of wood, some decorative foam rocks and an old Buddha statue I bought years ago.

The Buddha needed a pedestal. These handy clamps were printed by and bought from IBookBinding.

Trying out the printed background. A bit too dark it seems.

For those typical jungle vines I used wool, drenched in PVA glue and let dry. A brown base colour was added. No spray paint! Most spray paints will dissolve extended foam. And unfortunately I don't have an airbrush.

Then I made the surface in the foreground a bit more interesting by adding sand and structure to it. Trying not to overdo it as of course here is where the miniatures to be photographed must stand. 

Then it is time for more paint. Highlights and browns. 

And after the paint green is added. starting with the smallest, the flock to represent grass, then working up to moss, grass tufts and bigger plants until the background looks sufficiently jungly. 

Some details. The background print is intentionally curved to avoid disturbing shadows from lighting. When taking a picture that is close enough the result is quite realistic.

Place the figures in the center of the display. I use a fixed white light lamp instead of flashlight. This gets the best results in my opinion.

And the result is this. Not bad if I say so myself.

 More examples. A big monster works as well, but you have to position it more carefully.

I made another display a few years ago. Made from cardboard and printed patterns it represents a Victorian street corner. Or a modern one, if you blur the wall posters enough :) The same idea.