Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Road Warrior (a Gaslands scenario)

The Road Warrior
By Pijlie

Based on the iconic Mad Max movie this scenario is based on the tanker pursuit in the final scenes.

  • The Tanker: 67 cans War rig with turret mounted MGs on the rig and a forward ram on the cab.

  • The Escort: 40 cans of Escort Vehicles
  • The Pursuers: 80 cans of Pursuit vehicles. There may be more than one Pursuit Team.

War Rig suggestions
·         Reinforce with Armour Plating (+2 hull pts).
·         The War Rig Crew has an Onboard Mechanic.

Table & Deployment

The table  features a straight road running lengthwise theough the middle. Place pieces of blocking terrain alongside the road to block lines of fire and force maneuvering.

  • The Tanker starts with its front wheels on the road on the starting edge.
  • The Escort starts within a Long Move of the Tanker.
  • The pursuers start at the sides of the table within one Long Move of its starting edge.

Table suggestions:
Use three to four table panels that hopscotch over each other to create an “endless” table.

  • The tanker must either exit the table on the opposite edge or survive 3 Turns
  • The War Rig must be captured intact to win.
  • Shoot the Tyres! When shooting or ramming the War Rig the attacker may choose to inflict Hazard instead of damage. Roll as per normal attack. A score of 1 inflicts normal damage on the War Rig. A score of 6 inflicts 1 Hazard instead of damage.
  • Damage must be Evaded first by the Tanker before Hazards can be Evaded.
  • The War Rig is captured by the player who occupies the Cab. Mind you, the Rig crew may attempt to recapture the Cab…..
  • If the War Rig is destroyed, the game is a draw.

Boarding rules
  • Single crewmembers may leave their vehicles to Board and act as an independent “vehicle” from then on. Using miniature figures for boarders is recommended.
  • A War Rig may be Boarded by any vehicle crew within Short Move Range of Cab OR Rig. See Movement below. If successful place a Crew figure on the appropriate War Rig part as close as possible to its point of entry.
  • Boarding Crewmembers still in their vehicle may Activate in the same Activation as their vehicle. Once having left their vehicle they count as a separate “vehicle”.
  • Boarders may roll up to 3 Shift Dice.
  • Boarders may move Short Moves for each Shift result, gain or lose Hazard as normal and fire a Handgun at the end of their movement.
  • Boarding or Moving on a Whiped Out vehicle (in Gear 1) yields a free Shift result for the Boarder.
  • Boarding or Moving on a driving vehicle in Gear 2 or higher yields an automatic +1 Hazard.
  • Boarders on a vehicle that Whipes Out or Collides gain +1 Hazard.
  • Boarders on a vehicle that Wrecks gain +2 Hazard.
  • Boarding Crewmembers ignore Spin
  • An uncancelled Slide of Whipeout results in the Boarder falling from the vehicle. 
  • Crewmembers falling from a vehicle driving in Gear 2 or higher are killed.
  • Crewmembers may fire at other Crew members on the same (part of the) vehicle or (as normal) on other vehicles outside the vehicle they are on and hit on a 4+.
  • Boarders that leave their original vehicle leave it 1 crew short. A vehicle that loses its last Crew immediately Whipes Out and then becomes a Wreck.