Sunday, March 18, 2012

Building the Tavern, part 2

So after the first sprint to get the exterior finished I started on the interior details. Firt of course I needed a stairway to go up. No rocket science here. A simple basewood model did the job. Just get all the steps the same size, mind, or your stairway will never fit together.

Then I added beams sticking out from under the roof (for the tiles to rest on) as a typical scruffy detail for a 17th century building.

I had saved some cereal packages as these offer the perfect brand of cardboard for tiles (thin and free of charge!) The method is simple. Cut out rough rectangles in copious amounts. Glue them from the lowest row up on the roof base and repeat until finished. Sanity rolls may be required with large buildings like these, as they take a zillion cardboard rectangles before the entire roof is covered.

The main window of the guest room.

The finished roof.

Then that magical moment was there: I could start painting! Here´s the result. 

Now "all" that remains to be done are the details. Furniture, a hearth, bottles and glasses, beer barrels etc etc . Stay tuned for part 3!

Witchfinder General: Last stand

Yesterday we played a couple of games of Witchfinder General. We chose the first scenario and in one game there was a particular dramatic last stand as the last survivors of the village sought shelter in the chruch when a couple of barguests charged in.

Here they come!


O crap....

What followed was not a pretty sight..