Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Various Frostgrave and Shadows of Brimstone paintings

Some staged pictures for a wintery Frostgrave scenario 

Vendel Reivers battle DeeZee wolves in the woods around Felstad.

A Heresy Werewolf ambushes a Warlord (or was it a Perry?) archer.

Hobbits, the quintessential Thieves

Some ancient adventurers, most likely Grenadier or perhaps Ral Partha

And a few professional adventurers of more recent stock. The middle one -don't ask me why- might die a lot....

Rangifer based on Imaginative Miniatures' Waldvolk. 

Made for Shadows of Brimstone but eminently suitable as a large metal construct for Frostgrave this Targa Guardian makes for a magnificent model. 

Flying Frog Serpent People for Shadows of Brimstone

And slithering towards the end of this blog post this really yucky Swamp Slug