Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kitbashing the Millennium Falcon

Some years ago a friend gave me this old and battered Millennium Falcon and the advice to "put it to good use". It took a while to ripen but the release of the Rogue Stars rules pushed the right buttons to start kitbashing this venerable toy.
In order to play RS with it, it had to come with an interior of course.

This is how she looked when I was about 14 years old. 

So the first thing to do was taking it apart, cleaning it and replacing a broken landing strut with an Ebay-provided specimen.

Then I proceeded to break out all interrior bits that were in the way with the power tool. A nerve-wracking job, but it went well.

Then I made cardboard tempaltes for the decks.

And that will yield something like this.

You then draw that unto plasticard, cut the shapes out and glue it into the model.

And let the detailing commence!

Crew quarter WIP

Starboard hold WIP

Boarding ramp. The original boarding ramp was way too steep, so I demoted that one to a hatch and made a new one.

The angle was just shallow enough to enable figures to stand on it. The fly curtain I used for the surface roughened it up enough.

When it comes to interiors: more is more.

More cockpit WIP

Priming, preshading and highlighting

And here it is with a finished paint job and some props and figures. 

The twin nose with the loading bay hatch in between.

The top (and only) gun turret. A kitbashed replacement since buying a vintage orginial was REALLY expensive.

Top interior view

Starboard hold

Main hold

Crew quarters

Egine room

And there she is: a playable piece of terrain for the table, big enough to situate part of a scenario in.