Saturday, December 24, 2022

The LV-2512 Turkey shoot: a Christmas Battle game

The Colonial Marine Corps General Staff was clear about it: there will be turkey at the annual Christmas dinner.

However, all turkey appeared to be sold out throughout the entire Federation, except for a stash of frozen ones located on the remote terraforming colony LV-2512. 

Unfortunately LV-25 has stopped responding to calls a few days ago, so the Corps will have to take a look and see for itself. And to generate some training value, they decided to make a competition out of it. Ten squads will compete and see who will be the first, second and third to grab a cart with deep-frozen turkeys. 

As it turned out, once having arrived on LV-2512, the Marines found themselves on the menu, instead of turkey....

So this game was played on December 23rd at the B.O.D. game club. We used a homebrewn ruleset, lots of different miniatures, Prodos, Horroclix and GaleForce9 Aliens and great chaotic fun was had by all 12 players. Manythanks to Anton for his help and Gerco and Rob for their pictures. 

Merry Christmas. 

The Crew

The Mission Objective

Follow the red arrow: here be turkeys

A mutual lethal melee roll is saved (for the Marine at least) by a timely medkit

This Marine discovered that the time for cooperation had ended, once he was the closest one to the turkeys....

Some Predators decided to join the fun

Turkey scramble

The winner