Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Hit: A Spectre assassination scenario

The theme
A small terrorist cell attempts an assassination on a well-known politician (The Target) in broad daylight. Government Security has caught wind of a planned assassination attempt and are on the spot to prevent it.

The scene
A street flanked by buildings. One central building that will be left by the Target. Numerous moving people and cars. A motorcade waiting outside the building to transport the Target away.

The forces
  • A small team of 2 or 3 terrorists with sidearms and knives (Trained, Alert). The terrorists have comms.
  • A team of 6 security agents with sidearms, telescopic batons and perhaps 1 or 2 SMGs (Professional, Alert). The Security agents have comms.
  • The Target (Unalert, Untrained/Civilian) and his 2 bodyguards (Trained, Unalert ) with body armour and sidearms.
  • At least 30 civilians moving across the sidewalks and street
  • About 5 cars, excluding the Target’s motorcade/vehicle.

Victory conditions.
The Terrorist player wins if he kills the Target OR escapes with at least 3 terrorists. Any other result is a win for the Target.

The Target player places all security agents (wherever he wants) and civilians (evenly spread, at least 5 on the ground floor of the central building) on the table in- and/or outside the central building. The Target and his bodyguards start inside the central building on the 2nd floor. Cars are placed on the street or parked along the sidewalk.

A terrorist reveals herself by shooting at the Target

The rules
  • Before play, the Terrorist player secretly nominates 1 civilian miniature per terrorist (which should be individually identifiable by appearance or number written on the figure somewhere) and secretly links each specific civilian figure to a specific terrorist figure. The terrorist may also secretly nominate a flight car, which includes am (unarmed) driver. All civilian figures and cars are then placed on the table by the Target player.
  • At the start of each turn the Target player may move 10 civilians and/or cars a maximum distance of 4 inches in any direction. Cars stay on the street. Then the Terrorist player may move up to 10 civilians and/or cars a maximum distance of 4 inches in any direction. Figures and cars that leave the table return the next turn on that spot moving in the opposite direction.
  • In any turn phase the terrorist may reveal any or all terrorists. Replace the specific civilian figure by the specific terrorist figure and proceed play as normal.
  • All terrorists still successfully posing as civilians automatically win Initiative (and may use this to reveal themselves). A terrorist may reveal himself in any phase. As soon as a terrorist has been revealed (by an action or a Scan or something) roll for Initiative for the following phases and turns. Normal Initiative rules apply to that figure from then on. NB: Initiative is rolled for AFTER the revealing action has been completed.
  • Security may try to Scan terrorists before they are revealed. Security may also attack and capture any civilian figures they deem suspicious. A successful attack will reveal whether the figure is a terrorist or not. However this will cause some panic among the civilians. The turn following such an attack the terrorist may move up to 15 civilians to represent the panic. An unsuccessful attack will not reveal the terrorist (unless he wants to) and result in a continuing scuffle of the agent and the civilian. It will still cause panic.
  • Any exchange of gunfire will also cause panic. Civilians may never run towards gunfire. Terrorists (revealed or otherwise) of course are under no such obligation. 
  • The terrorists must escape the table by car. They may hold up and carjack one or may have one waiting.
  • The Target will leave the elevator on the building’s 1st floor after the movement of the civilians but before the Command phase of the first player to be activated. This will be in either turn 3 (Target rolls a 5+), turn  4 (Target rolls a 3+) or turn 5 (automatically).
  • The Target and his bodyguards may be Alerted as soon as they enter the street, meet an Agent b2b or are attacked, whatever comes first.
  • The Target is controlled by the Target player and until attacked must move toward his vehicle and enter it. Once inside the vehicle he is safe from attack. The target moves 4” per turn towards his car unless Alerted or held up by a chat (see below).
  • The Target is a public figure. Before he moves the Terrorist MAY roll a D6. On a result of 6 the Target stops instead of moving and addresses the nearest civilian for the rest of the turn.
  • Bodyguards in b2b contact with the Target and in the line of fire give an additional -1 Cover to the Target.
Instead of starting all his figures on table the Terrorist may mount 1 or more figures on motorbikes and have them start at a table edge of predetermined choice. They need not start at the same edge. 

Almost in the car. Will he make it? 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Arklight: more figures for Spectre Operations

Anybody who knows the Joe Ledger novels by Jonathan Maberry will know Arklight. These figures by Spectre Miniatures are an excellent representation of those lethal women.