Sunday, April 11, 2021

GaleForceNine's Aliens boardgame: the hardware

Recently GaleForceNine released their board game based on the 1986 Aliens movie, one of my favorites. Apart from a lot of high-quality cardboard the game has some of the best Aliens miniatures I have seen so far. 

Made from hard plastic they do need some (and quite some in some cases) assembly, so model kit building experience is a pre. 

Having gone quite a while without painting I painted the entire contents of the base game (A Glorious Day In The Corps) and three expansions (Get Away From Her You Bitch, Ultimate Badasses and the terrain set) in one weekend. Here are the results: 

Her Majesty The Queen and her various offspring

Her Majesty all by herself

The Ripleys and the Newts

Ripley in her trusty power loader AKA the Bitch Slapper

Hudson, Frost and Cpl Hicks

Drake and Vasquez. Twice, because they are by far the coolest badasses of the bunch

Wierzbowski, Diettrich and Crow

Lt. Gorman and Sgt Apone

Burke, Bishop and Bishop after an audience with the Queen 

Two trusty Sentry guns

Terminals and boxes

Comparative shot of a GFN Alien and a Prodos one (on the right)

I read that the Queen miniature was less detailed than the warriors. Of course this could be attributed to the fact that the miniature is simply three times as big. I posted pictures below of the Prodos Queen (left) and the GF9 Queen (right). 

There is indeed a small degree of difference in sharpness in the GF9 figure. However, given that the Prodos Queen is a resin model and the GF9 is hard plastic, I think GF9 did a fine job. 

I hope to play a game soon and then I will post a review of the game itself.