Sunday, May 28, 2017

Conan the boardgame Wave 2 Nordheim, Stygia & Khitai

Finally I have received wave 2 of the Conan Kickstarter and the painting can proceed! Here you will find my painted figures from the three expansions Northland, Stygia and Khitai.

First the lethal Atali and her brothers.

Niord and the Aesir. A well-known Northland death metal band back in the day

The Vanir

which then accounts for the whole Northland expansion.

As it turned out I proceeded with Stygia. First the Assassin Hero beleaguered by Stygian Assassins

The sinister Thoth-Amon and his Eternal Guards

And lots of creepiecrawlies: the Scorpion Broodmother and her Brood.

And finally the Khitai set. First the Evil Sorcerer and his Foo Dogs.

The Khitan Guard

More Guard, Honor Guard this time. They are paid more, hence the extra bling.

Javelineers and Shentu, the Khitai hero.

They are all painted....

Now what am I to do?