Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pulp Adventure native cannibal

A while ago someone stated that the Wargames Factory Zulus were no  good for making Pulp Adventure natives. I said I´d prove him wrong and here is my attempt!

The great warrior Boboti of the Wabapi tribe, ready to defend Skull Island against film crews and other insidious threats!

Finished my Dystopian Wars fleet!

After going on a mad painting spree this weekend I finished my entire DW Covenant of Antarctica fleet. Well, except the Dreadnought since a part was missing and while Spartan games was kind enough to promise to mail me a replacement, it hasn´t arrived yet. Still, without further ado:

The mysterious Callymachus Time Dilation Orb!

Aristotle class battleship with two Galen escorts

Pericles class Carrier with robot drone CAP . I have 3 squadrons of 5 drone stands and a single recon drone.

Plato class cruiser: 3 of these make up a squadron

Plutarch destroyers. Five of these make up a squadron.

One of my two Ptolemy bombers

One of my two Icarus medium flyers.

A Diogenes class frigate.

And the entire fleet!

I can´t wait to try them out in a game.....