Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sneak peek for Ducosim Spring demo!

Here are just a few peeks of the stuff I am building in preparation for the demo game I have planned for Ducosim next Spring.

Pulp movie enthusiasts will have no problem guessing the theme, but be prepared for some (actually quite some) liberties with the original! The game will need to accomodate at least four players so several new factions will be added to the original "plot".

Look here for further news!

Here be giants! A 54mm RIfleman.

 A while ago I visited a friend who got me interested in 54mm skirmish gaming. SInce I never painted anything in such a large scale I risked buying a box of the Italeri British Rifles. These turned out to be one-piece figures with excellent detail. So I tried my hand at one just to "test the water".

I am quite pleased with this first attempt, would certainly approach some things differently next time (shading and blending the skin colour and such) but it's not bad.

These close-ups really show the flaws yet present in my technique, but do serve to illustrate the tremendous amount of detail these figures offer:

10mm scale farm/village

Those following my blog will know my fondness of papercraft buildings. Roaming around the web one finds a lot of interesting and free PDFs. Amongst these is a heritage German village called Pretschendorf that is in fact a package featuring a multitude of buildings in small ( I think OO but might be even smaller) scale. See the Pretschendorf site for the PDFs.

I selected one of these for a Thirty Year's War small village (or large farmstead) and intend to use it with my 10mm TYW games.


I was dissatisfied with the roofs as provided and made the thatch roofs from a cheap towel bought a a discount store. It even came in a grey-brown colour almost perfect for thatch. 
The fir trees were a christmas leftover bought at a discount in all sizes. These are the smaller types and are perfect for 10mm.