Saturday, November 16, 2019

Airfield game board pt 1

The first of the Spectre game tables is coming along nicely. It will be a small airfield representing a drug smuggler's airstrip, secret Nazi  base or small industrial site.

The basis is a square meter (the size I can fit in my car) 10mm mdf covered with model railroad grass and some wallpaper with an excellent concrete structure.

The hangar would be quite a large building, so had to be disassembled for storage and transport. Magnets and bits of metal hold it together so it can easily be taken apart.

The walls are corrugated cardboard glued to an mdf frame. The roof is simply cardboard plate, covered with rest bits of corrugated cardboard, hinged in the middle with a piece of duct tape and held in its place by gravity.

Trying out a 1/48 Tiger Moth and some 28mm figures for size.

The hangar had to be able to house a number of aircraft of various sizes, hence the height. As it turned out the Haunebu is just a bit too high, but it will do. 

Now to detailing and painting. See you in part 2!