Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Hounds of War, a finished but sofar untested scenario

Table setup:
The location of an hour-old firefight in a decade-old warzone. Buildings line a central street or square and abandoned cars are scattered across the street. Small street structures like a market stall or garbage containers offer additional cover. The few civilians that have remained in the area after years of war have made themselves scarce as hostiles may still occupy the area in some places. Several bodies are laying in the street and on the sidewalks as silent witnesses to the recent violence.

Local Ghoul interviewd on its views on vegetarianism and the climate effects of a carnivore diet

One side of the game is a local insurgent team still reeling from the recent firefight, reloading and regrouping in cover. Their leader is a hard-sought international fugitive, whose presence has been revealed by the recent conflict. He suspects his presence has been noted by mobile phone pictures and videos but must wait in the area until transport arrived to take him to safety. He needs to escape alive in order for the insurgent player to win.

The second party is a Special Ops Team acting on the information that the insurgent leader is present and trying to capture him before he escapes. He needs to be captured alive due to intelligence that needs to be extracted from him.

The third party is a small (and very hungry) Ghoul pack living in the vicinity and trying to seize the opportunity to capture as much corpses as possible to sustain themselves.

  • The insurgents deploy in cover anywhere on the table, leaving a 12” wide rim free across the four edges of the table. Any single figure (no allied figure within 6”) may deploy Hidden.
  • The SOT enters the table from the side(s) of their choice.
  • The Ghouls enter at random numbered points on the table based on the roll of a D10. There are 5 entry points numbered 1-5. When a higher result is rolled, no ghoul appears. When a 0 is rolled, 2 Ghouls appear. In that case, roll again for the location until there is a result between 1 or 5. There are never more than 5 Ghouls on the table. Ghouls may leave the table via any numbered entry point.

Scenario rules:
At the end of every turn the insurgent player secrety rolls a D6 and adds it to the score of the last turn, secretly writing it down. As soon as the tally reaches 21, the transport arrives in the next turn. The transports are 3 soft-body trucks or cars with drivers and some reinforcements. They arrive from a random table edge.

Hidden figures are revealed when activated and may be placed on the table with a Hidden counter next to them, or their position may be noted on a map of the table and only revealed when Scanned or Activated.

Move 8"
CD 5 AG 6 SG 0 DC 4 ME 6

Armour -2 Lethality due to unnatural resilience
Combat either +2 or 2 dice and pick the best
Existential Terror: Before making a shooting or combat action against a Ghoul, the model must pass a Command Test with a +1 modifier. If the test is passed, the model may act normally. If the Test is failed, the model is frozen with fear and counts as being stunned for the remainder of the turn. Additionally, if a 6 is rolled the model is automatically Routed as he loses his sanity.

Ghouls are automated moving terrain. They will enter the table as indicated by the scenario and move toward dead, incapacitated or wounded figures in that order and drag them away. They will fight/attack only when cornered (their escape route is blocked by players) or to get to or defend prey. Always assume Ghouls in the vicinity of modern combat to be desperately hungry.

Ghouls suffer Suppression as normal as long as they are not in b2b contact with prey. They will flee with prey when possible in any case. They will not voluntarily give up prey once in b2b contact with it and the entire pack will become immune to Suppression then.

Seeing a team member or civilian dragged away by Ghouls triggers a Suppression Test.

Due to their intelligence Ghouls can be Allied with (brrr) and used as figures. When prey is within Moving distance they will need a Test to do what the player wants instead of moving for the prey. Ghouls can’t use firearms but will be able to use simple close combat weapons or tools. A Ghoul in b2b contact with a corpse is beyond control and reverts to automatic behavior.

Assume the Insurgent leader has the means to get the Ghouls to support him. The Insurgent player may control the Ghouls as soon as they are on the table.

The Special Forces use satellite/drone heat signature detection and insurgents may not Hide. 

Special Ops: 8 Elite operators including leader. Body armour, carbines/laser sights/red dots, flash and frag grenades, sidearm, close combat weapon, breaching tools

Insurgents: 1 Person of Interest, Trained Commander with assault rifle, sidearm and frag grenades.
20 Trained insurgents with assault rifles and 2 rocket launchers.

Insurgent reinforcements: 2 softskin vehicles with driver and 2 insurgent guards each

Ghouls: 5 Ghouls