Saturday, March 31, 2012

Massive Dystopian Wars battle

Last night we played a massive -and in retrospect a bit too ambitious for one evening- Dystopian Wars battle. Over 2000 points of Covenant prowess took on a combined Prussian/American fleet. After a three-hour slugfest I yielded the victory to the Allies, having inflicted serious damage on the Prussians but my battleship was severely damaged and my supporting squadrons largely sunk. Here are some impressions:

 My utterly worthless armoured cruisers
 The Covenant carrier, with Galen Escorts
 The CoAN Daedalus overflying a squadron of destroyers.
 The American battleship.
 Arjan´s Prussian battlegroup
 More Americans...
 The CoAN Epicurus Skyfortress.
Prussian flying cigars

The ferocious battle on the right wing where my Air Fleet mauled the Prussians. No pictures seem to have been made of the left wing where my fleet was reputedly mauled by the Americans....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Building the Tavern, part 3: finishing touches

In the final stages of building the tavern all kinds of details had to be added. First of all a big fireplace in the kitchen. Cut and glued from plasticard and smeared with the Faller stone plaster (see part 1) I made one for the kitchen and a smaller one for the guest room. The latter does not line up correctly for the chimney (which I had placed to far tot the left due to a miscalculation with the upper floor windows. But heck, there ain´t a loo either!

 I wanted a Green Man sculpture for the front wall. Unfortunately I could not find a suitable one so I had to cobble one together by myself. Using a Wargames Factory plastic Gaul head as a base I fiddled with greenstuff until it did look at least a bit OK to me.

Here´s the bar-and-beerbarrel (basewood, a wooden barrel model and some plastic tube) in its first stage.

Woodbits from the garden and an axe from the bitbox made this heap of firewood right around the corner from the kitchen door.

Thanks to Black Cat Bases I received their free cat and decided to give her a cosy napping spot on top of the chimney!

From I ordered a bunch of great 1/48 funiture for ridicilously low prices as well as this great pubsign. The text was to anachronistic as well as way too sweet for a Witchfinder General pub so I downloaded a picture of The Slaughtered Lamb (anyone remember THAT movie? ) as an adequate replacement.

So it was finished! Detail can be added indefinitely but well, the tavern has to be used in a game now. So here are some guests discussing something in the front doorway.

A well-known witch enjoying a brew with the local gentry and the landlord in the guestroom of the tavern.

 The kitchen staff in full swing.

 The upper floor rooms. Check out the great furniture from Molly´s. Furniture is mostly glued to the floor. Smaller pieces, like table-and-chairs, are glued to the carpet to prevent falling over and making it easy to remove all the furniture in one go should the need arise. The big pieces standing in the middle of a room, like beds and tables, are left loose.

 The stairway and the upper rooms.

And the finished model. Now for the first game! For evil lurks in the shadows......