Friday, October 27, 2017

Painting overkill for Rogue Stars

Why overkill? Well, Rogue Stars can be played with about 6 figures per side. So it is only logical I have so far massed about a hundred and still more to come in the painting queue....

The Predators are stripped and repainted Horrorclix figures (OOP). Only acetone proved able to remove the Chinese factory paint, but unfortunately dissolved all the hard plastic parts as well. Next time, no dipping but careful brushing the acetone on the parts I want it to be!

More OOP Horrorclix repaints: a Cyborg and a Blade Babe.

A metal Ral Partha Troll and an OOP Horrorclix Pride Warrior.

FLTR: Ral Partha Paranoia Troubleshooter, Horrorclix Demonhunter, Black Army PI, Ral Partha werewolf (in human form) and Horrorclix Sentry.

Dust Tactics US Rangers

Mongoose Skinnies (from the Starships Troopers range). OOP

Wargames Factory Shock Troopers. OOP

The Raptor vehicle is an OOP piece of Halo merchandise, scaled perfectly for 28mm. The Mech is a VOTOM "Fatty" bought somewhere on Hobbylink Japan.

The ship is a venerable Millennium Falcon from the 70ies, extensively kitbashed.

Dave Graffam Models papercaft watchtower

Dave Graffam Models papercaft crates and containers. The little warehouse in the back is a free piece of papercraft PDF made by TommyGun

Crooked Dice Blake's 7 crews.

FLTR: OOP Necromunda Scummer, Northstar Rogue Stars figure, OOP Necromunda Scummer and two OOP plastic Necromunda Orlock gangers.