Sunday, September 6, 2020

Painting the Vietnam Project: progress blog. USMC added!

Since I started with this project in early March a lot has happened in the world. And while Covid-19 didn't make my work any less hectic it did ruin most of my game time. So I had more time to paint!

As most figures are made by Empress Miniatures assume they are unless indicated otherwise.

Col. Kilgore by Miniature Wargaming Magazine
I will track the progress in the Vietnam Project in this blog.

Barnes and Elias by Miniature Wargaming Magazine

UH-1 1:48 Plastic model kits. Italeri below, Hobbyboss above

And a Fujimi AH-1 Cobra abov

A representation of combat photographer Catherine Leroy by Full Metal Miniatures

Two Vietcong by The Assault Group and a female VC by Ful Metal Miniatures. As you can see she must be the tallest woman in the Mekong Delta.....

Two VC by The Assault Group 

Empress NVA medic and officer with radio operator

Vietcong by The Assault Group 

And after a month frantically painting Dwarves for Oathmark here some new VC and NVA.

VC by The Assault Group

VC by The Assault Group including two officers

This might not be the smartest way to fire two RPGs simultaneously...

.30cal VC by The Assault Group

Full Metal Miniatures