Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden Battle 2011!! G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.

Last weekend we played our annual garden battle in Luc´s back yard. Words would not do justice to the hilarious chaos that was the scenario. 12 players wielding teams of Royal Navy, vampires, London gangs, zombies and Deep Ones, the Spanish Inquisition and suffragettes battled it out in Victorian London to gain their insidious and oftentimes diffuse goals.

Building up the tablewhile the rainclouds slowly receded:
London City, 1888

 Zombie Central:
 The Royal Navy
 The Royal Navy in strategic retreat while contemplating what to do with a horde of zombies and Deep Ones
 A Steam Walker of unclear affilliation
 Some recently deceased Londoners looking for a second chance
 The Steam Walker disrupting a Cthuloid ritual
 Deep Ones looking for the Royal Navy
A steam-powered Marine (or something)
 The Spanish inquisition (Cardinals Jimenez, Biggles and Feng) battling the evil minions of Dracula
 The Cray gang breaking into Cthulhu´s statue to capture the Catorlite using a scorpion robot
 Steam walker and Suffragette tank battling it out in a climactic showdown

All in all a hilarious and chaotic day with traditional last-minute good weather and enjoyment all around! Many, many thanks to Luc and Lex for organizing the whole shebang!