Monday, May 17, 2021

Empress Miniatures US Special Forces for Vietnam

This weekend I painted the two packs of US Special Forces by Empress Miniatures. Like the rest of the range these are sculpted by Paul Hicks in great and well-documented detail. 

I did them in tiger stripe camo that seemed so popular with these troops including skin paint camo, even though the faces were so well done it seemed almost a waste to cover them in camo. In the end I decided to go with inks to preserve as much of the facial detail as possible. 

From left to right SOF trooper with silenced Stengun, an American point man carrying VC equipment to pass for a VC trooper when encountering the enemy and a LMG gunner with a Chinese Type 56 LMG and a sawed off grenade pauncher tucked in his pack. 

SEAL Squad leader with M16, SEAL M60 gunner with a helicopter ammo box strapped to his back and a SEAL radio operator with M16 and smoke grenade

ARVN troopers, from left to right carrying an AK47, wearing VC gear and an XM177 and the third one in tiger stripe camo and an XM177. 

SEAL with M16, SEAL in Levis, armed with Stoner rifle, sawed off shotgun and LAW and SEAL with AK47 and a silenced Colt pistol.