Sunday, July 9, 2023

Bull Gorg

 After months of being too busy to do any blogging the holidays arrived and I had some more free time on my hands. And one of the things I did with that was converting a GW Ogre to Bull Gorg, the Necromunda Underhive Spartacus of the Pit Slaves. 

The one and only picture of Bull Gorg. GW never made a model of him to the best of my knowledge. 

The basis: a GW Ogre and some Mecha parts.

Starting to fill all holes, building the two turbo chain swords up with plasticard and greenstuff

Some details and experimental headcover. Clearly an unfortunate choice. 

More gut....

Even more gut, a beard trim and experimental cybernetic thingies on his belly. Mwah. 

Soldering wire to cable his chainswords. And a powerpack and base debris. 

More details, better cybernetic belly thingies and an open growl instead of his closed mouth. 

And the paintjob. 

I like him. He looks a tad unstable, but once you get to know him better...., well, you are certain he is completely bonkers.