Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sci-Fi wargaming in 1/72: more aliens added

Because 1/72 or (not entirely accurate) 20mm scale is The One Scale for people my age and to give some opposition to the tide of beautiful 15mm and 28mm sized stuff here is an overview of my 20mm Sci-Fi wargaming stuff, mostly made for Stargrunt II and its worthy successor Tomorrow's war. As you will find it is an eclectic mix of 1/72 figures and kits, large 15mm stuff and random toys. Not all is pictured here but I refer to my other blogposts of Tomorrow's War especially. 

The 1/72 figure shown for scale with the vehicles is a Dark Dream Studio SF figure

Critical Mass Heavy Arc Fleet Grav tanks

Critical Mass Merc grav APCs

A Void grav tank destroyer. 

Critical Mass heavy Merc tank

Revell Leopard IIs and a Critical Mass Heavy Merc tank

Khurasan APCs

Revell APCs (2 Fuchses and a Marder)

A scratchbuilt APC from Aliens (cardboard and bits)

Dark Dream Studio 1/72 combat walkers

Dark Dream Studio 1/72 hunter/killers

Various scratchbuilt artillery pieces (AT gun, Missile platform and AA gun)

Some toys of unknown brand or type

RH Miniatures Colonial Marines 

Alien drones

Dark Dream Studios 1/72 SF troopers

RH Miniatures Imperial troopers

Aliens for TW: comparative shots of a Khurasan Felid (small alien), a Caesar Delta Force trooper (above), a RH Miniatures battle armoured trooper (below) and a GW Tau (big alien)