Sunday, December 10, 2017

The new game in town: SPECTRE Operations

I have been buying, painting for- and now playing SPECTRE Operations.

This one will probably be here to stay. Stay tuned to this blog for a review after I clock some more games. For now some pictures:

The old Japanese mansion doubled for the jungle villa in the 3rd scenario in the book. Originally a terrorist meeting crashed by operators we used gangsta minis and SWAT agents.

I had 30 Militia class gangstas to ward off 7 Elite SWAT (one of them undercover within the villa) and if the undercover had not blown her cover in turn 1 I would have been clobbered. Even now we had to abort the game due to time constraints with only 2 SWAT cops standing but more than 20 gangstas taken out....

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Peat Ship of Breda 1590 [EDIT scenario and rules published in WSS]

A pictorial report of our recent game playing the Peat Ship of Breda raid, a famous episode (at least in the Netherlands) of the Dutch Revolt.

Fabulous table by Patrick "Pats Laser Cuttings" Diederiks and Anton Boot. Figures painted by Julius van Roemburg and yours truly. Scenario and peat ship model by me.

Scenario and additional rules for Pikeman's Lament are published in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine nr 93, now available.