Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Paintjobs of August

Last month I didn't do much blogging (none at all actally!) due to a very busy working month. But I did manage to do some diverse painting here and there:

 The Hardshell Heroes and their mentor Splinter made by Greebo Games. 

Bombshell Babes female samurai and Chinese swordswoman

Bombshell Babes swordswoman versus a Wargames Factory plastic samurai. You do have to pay some attention to positioning the parts. The loose legs, torso, arms and head as well as swords, sashimono and such make for a lot of work, but enable a lot of variety as well. Tilting the head a little makes a lot of difference for example. 

On the Web they often look a bit wooden, but I am actually quite satisfied with the results. 

Painting them is a breeze. Detail is excellent and moldlines slight. There is no flash whatsoever.

More WGF samurai cavalry

Below more Wargames Factory figures. These are AWI British, drafted by the Royal Marines 

Incidentally, the Navy officer in the blue coat is a Warlord Games figure originally the giveaway with the Blackpowder Rebellion book. 

Here more Wargames Factory figures (Zulus converted to Pulp cannibals) attack my Marines 

Pirates squabble over loot. Another Warlord Games figure on the right confronted with Musketeers non-Jack Sparrow and two Foundry pirates. 

Some tryouts for a new game, Frostgrave. Vendel Border Reivers flanking old Mercator, a Crisis giveaway of some years ago, 

The bear is an old Mageknight figure, rebased and repainted. 

And we end with four happily quaffing GW dwarves. 

I hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired you!