Sunday, January 23, 2022

The final figures for the Vietnam project.....for now.

 For now the final ones. All that remains now is some more terrain: rice paddies and colonial buildings. And then the wait is for new releases. 

DCC 1/43 diecast Jeep plus Empress 28mm crew

Empress USMC mortar and crew

USMC with .50cal and M16 with night scope

USMC medics

Gn Sgt Hartmann & Pvt Pyle

Type 54 recoilless rifle on the move

Type 54 recoilless rifle at the ready

Vietnamese mortar with crew

An M40 recoilless rifle for the Marines and a commander for my Ontos


  1. Your figures are very nice but I really like your vehicles, especially the Ontos.

  2. Very cool stuff. Big fan of how you do your weapons. The HMG on that jeep looks great!