Monday, May 2, 2022

Spectre Demo at PolderCon 2022

 My oil rig project finally saw gameplay at #Poldercon 2022 in Utrecht. Several games of Spectre Operations resulted in lots of fun and happy players. 

The table

Seal Team Six

Team Gruber (the Terrorists) with hostage

Arnold weathering machinegun fire from the Blackhawk (for now)

Yours truly explaining the rules (in under 10 minutes)


  1. Replies
    1. The Seals won the first game game barely. The second game went undecided for lack of time (we played in 90 minute-slots) and the third game ended in a draw because the Terrorist player killed the hostage to prevent a Seal win. For some reason this figure of a former US president gets killed a lot in missions that are supposed to be won by savig him....

    2. Should probably make a rule that the terriost also lose if the target is killed before a certain turn or something. I find that many players would rather blow up the objective rather then risk loseing it.

  2. Very cool table. Was the whole table used or just the rig?

    1. The sea was mainly to move the Blackhawk around. I had planned for a boat but didn't get it finished in time.