Sunday, June 29, 2014

Safe and sound storage boxes: review

The other day I had the privilege of hosting my Indiana Jones game in my LFGS Subcultures in Utrecht. While talking between games I received a storage box from Safe and Sound. I had never heard of them and thought it proper to put a little review on my blog.

The box I got was a sturdy rectangular white cardboard box. It comes complete with a foam interior ready for 40 28mm human-sized figures. As you can see in the picture the box itself is not invulnerable and my specimen has at some time been dented at one corner. The thick foam however has not been impressed by this.

The box (see below) is equipped with two insert-tab-and-velcro locks and closed quite securely.

The box itself weighs next to nothing but nevertheless guards your miniatures quite well against unwelcome dents and scratches. Multiple boxes would be easily stackable. Safe and Sound also sells bags to pack multiple boxes.

Certainly a nice surprise was the price. Being a stingy Dutchman even I could find no objection in 8 Euros per box. I am quite impressed with this product and thought it good to share it with you.

The (Polish) company has boxes available in several sizes on their site, most of which is in English. Price range from 7 to 15 euros, S&H not included.