Saturday, January 19, 2013

10mm scale farm/village

Those following my blog will know my fondness of papercraft buildings. Roaming around the web one finds a lot of interesting and free PDFs. Amongst these is a heritage German village called Pretschendorf that is in fact a package featuring a multitude of buildings in small ( I think OO but might be even smaller) scale. See the Pretschendorf site for the PDFs.

I selected one of these for a Thirty Year's War small village (or large farmstead) and intend to use it with my 10mm TYW games.


I was dissatisfied with the roofs as provided and made the thatch roofs from a cheap towel bought a a discount store. It even came in a grey-brown colour almost perfect for thatch. 
The fir trees were a christmas leftover bought at a discount in all sizes. These are the smaller types and are perfect for 10mm.

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