Saturday, January 19, 2013

Here be giants! A 54mm RIfleman.

 A while ago I visited a friend who got me interested in 54mm skirmish gaming. SInce I never painted anything in such a large scale I risked buying a box of the Italeri British Rifles. These turned out to be one-piece figures with excellent detail. So I tried my hand at one just to "test the water".

I am quite pleased with this first attempt, would certainly approach some things differently next time (shading and blending the skin colour and such) but it's not bad.

These close-ups really show the flaws yet present in my technique, but do serve to illustrate the tremendous amount of detail these figures offer:


  1. Nice, we must try a game sometime.

  2. My fellow wargamers have 1/32 scale battles with hundreds and some times thousands of figures so a 54mm game doesn't have to be skirmish. I prefer this scale as I don't have to squint to see the figures and it is the scale I played with as a child. You can see my stuff on my blog, Quantrill's Toy Soldiers.