Saturday, October 19, 2019

More SPECTRE paintjobs

I have to play another game one of these days. People might start talking... :)


Green Berets


Green Berets

Camera Crew

GRU undercover

Drone operators

GRU operative, bank robber or insurgent, who knows?

Monday, September 30, 2019

And some US Rangers

Squad leader


Drone operators

Desert Hawk drone

SAW gunner


Black Hornet nanodrone operator


Monday, September 23, 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019

More stuff for SPECTRE

Some lethal weapons by Rogue Miniatures

Technical MG gunner by Spectre Miniatures

Bank robbers by Spectre Miniatures

SAS sniper by Spectre Miniatures

Joe and Ghost aka SAS dog handler and dog by Spectre Miniatures

SAS troopers by Spectre Miniatures

SAS troopers by Spectre Miniatures

Insurgent drone operator by Spectre Miniatures

Digital distraction on the battlefield 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Asset Acquisition: A Spectre Operations scenario

Asset Acquisition

The theme
A Special Forces team is tasked with acquiring an unknown asset or –when deemed impossible- denying the asset to the enemy

The scene
A cleared spot in the Colombian jungle halfway surrounded by rocky outcrops and dense forest. The centre of the table holds the Asset and a camp erected around it with tents, cars or a truck and tools.  Lots of equipment, barrels and crates


Victory conditions.
The attacker needs to secure the asset or, when impossible, destroy it. The attacker needs to extract at least 5 operatives.
The defender needs to prevent this.

The defender sets up first. The cartel elements are Unalert and set up in the camp. The professionals deploy as guards around the camp (may be hidden) and are Alert.
The attacker may choose his route of attack.

·         6 Professionals (Alert, bodyarmour, carbines/laser sights and sidearms, frag grenades, close combat weapon) including a team Commander
·         20 cartel gangsters including 2 team commanders. Militia, Unalert and armed as shown + close combat weapon.
·         1 Force commander (Elite, Professional, SMG and sidearm)
·         4 Civilians, unarmed, unalert

8 Elites, including a team commander (Alert, bodyarmour, carbines/laser sights/red dot, silencers, sidearm, close combat weapon, flash and frag grenades). One assigned man carries enough C4 to destroy the Asset.

The rules
Optional: nighttime conditions. Consider the camp as if in daylight. Everything outside the perimeter is night.

Destroying the Asset
Applying the C4 is a Command (no roll). The action takes the entire turn and is only finished at the start of the next turn. The operative sets a timer device for 1-4 turns.
The C4 blast will cause a Lethality 4 hit to all targets in a 12”radius and destroy the Asset.
How it played out the first time

We found out we needed some additional rules for random moving guards and specific cover around the saucer craft. The jungle terrain needs some more structuring. And the craft really needs to be placed in the center of the table but apart from that the scenario worked fine. The SpecOps blew up the craft but lost two men in the blast. The scientists escaped. Perhaps their capture should be a secondary objective.

This scenario is the first to fit in my Mythos Wars project hence the use of a 70 years old Nazi saucercraft as The Asset :)

Friday, August 23, 2019

Haunebu Type II FINISHED!!!!

Over the past week, in between work and catching the flu in the middle of summer, I cobbled together this 28mm model for a Haunebu Type II Kampfflugscheibe, the legendary Nazi flying saucer powered by the at least as legendary Vril power source.

There are several model kits on the market which carry -in my not so humble opinion- a rather insane price tag. SO I decided to build one myself from some cheap plastic dishes, a plastic soup bowl, some balls that come from those childrens' surprise machines, the lid of an M&M box and some steel rings.

First coat of paint

After adding some more paint in camo colours and some Luftwaffe decals from the bit box. Note the two 28mm figures added for scale
Then I decided that I liked to finish it any way AND I disliked the camo pattern. So I proceeded to make guns, turn the globular things at the bottom into gun turrets and repaint the camo pattern into something more angular and Teutonic.

Also a wineglass turned out to be an excellent flying base. 
Using the lower extensions as gun turrets meant of course the Haunebu would need a landing gear. I chose wheels over struts for practical reasons. A non-functional Haunebu could still be wheeled away like this. And it looked more WW2.

I used old toy car wheels, plastic sheet and rod and an old cover plate for electricity points in the ceiling.

The disc can simply be lowered onto the landing gear to rest on. When in flight I can prop up the Haunebu with a plastic wineglass.

Then it was simply a question of finishing the painting and adding new decals.

The upper gunturret (37mm, 88mm or Kraftstrahlkanone depending on scale or taste) is magnetized so it can be removed for transport.

Ready for departure to Ultima Thule!