Monday, June 20, 2016

A first glimpse of the Martian ships, still building in progress.....

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Building HMS Scarab, a Martian skyship

Finally, with PolderCon 2017 on the (far) horizon I decided to re-animate the John Carter Project. With almnost all figures painted the few things left to build were the famous skyships and some impressive terrain. 

I decided to start small with a 28mm version of the diminiutive Aphid class gunboat from the Space 1889 game. Not canon as far as John Carter concerns, but not too hard to start with and well suited to try out some thing I had found and thought up in the meantime. 

As a basis I use a half-finished papercraft kit made by Wayne Peters that I found on this link.

While not finished, the thread provided me with templates for decks and hull, gear box and rear engine cowling and more than enough inspiration to finish it myself. 

The basis for the hull is a sawed out deck shape based on the templates. 10mm MDF was at hand and very sturdy, but for future ships I think I will get some thinner stuff. 

The templates were printed, cut and glued to the deck, reinforced with some MDF "ribs" to enable the ship to stand on the ground without pushing in the paper outer hull.

Since the skyship rules I wrote for this project require models to be able to gain and lose altitude, I needed to build a standard as well. I used 20mm MDF and 15mm steel pipe for the standard and 20mm PVC pipe for the funnel. 

The PVC pipe is attached to the hull and fits over/slides along the steel pipe. Pins hold the ship in place at the desired altitude.  The ship is able to rise some 90cm above the tabletop. More than enough. 

The rest of the papercraft kit was missing but plans for Aphid class ships are available in abundance so devising the upper hull works and such was no problem.

The rest was straightforward scratchbuilding. Boiler and deck house were made of cardstock, reinforced with foamboard -and in case of the second ship (I built two) MDF ribs.

Thick cardboard provided the material for the tail fins and nails-and-string produced an adequate railing. Sinbce the ship rests on the tail fins while standing on the table I will use MDF in future builds.

A plastic wineglass sacrificed its base for the greater good and voila! HMS Scarab had a screw!

Stairs were made from plasticard and some bits and pieces from the bitbox became bolders, mast and a compass house on the bridge.

The portholes were punched out cardboard using a 25mm and a 20mm punch with some clear packaging material glued to the back. The "rivets" are punched in from the back with a pointy tool.

And here she is painted. After painting I added some more details like decals on the fins, a manufacturer's plate on the boiler (a shrunk picture found on the internet and printed) and of course a nameplate on the bridge. The naval ensign is of course a given!

Next build will be a larger Martian ship. Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tomorrow's War participation game at Ducosim's 40th anniversary!

On May 21st the Dutch Conflict Simulation society (DuCoSim) will celebrate its 40th birthday!

I thought it fitting to stage a seriously big and good-looking particpation game and chose Tomorrow's War as the ruleset.

While I am still working on the scenario and handout material, the table and figures have been finished. So here's some eye-candy for the time being. Watch this spot for mor news!

Oh and the game will be hosted on May 21st in Theater De Flint in Amersfoort NL. There will be two games starting at 1100 and 1400.


Some pictures of the convention and games in progress:

And the opportunity for a drink afterwards. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Various Frostgrave and Shadows of Brimstone paintings

Some staged pictures for a wintery Frostgrave scenario 

Vendel Reivers battle DeeZee wolves in the woods around Felstad.

A Heresy Werewolf ambushes a Warlord (or was it a Perry?) archer.

Hobbits, the quintessential Thieves

Some ancient adventurers, most likely Grenadier or perhaps Ral Partha

And a few professional adventurers of more recent stock. The middle one -don't ask me why- might die a lot....

Rangifer based on Imaginative Miniatures' Waldvolk. 

Made for Shadows of Brimstone but eminently suitable as a large metal construct for Frostgrave this Targa Guardian makes for a magnificent model. 

Flying Frog Serpent People for Shadows of Brimstone

And slithering towards the end of this blog post this really yucky Swamp Slug