Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Armour for Tomorrow's War (and some grunts)

At and around Crisis 2012 I bought some new armour for my TW games. They got painted in the past weeks and I'd like to show them (off ;o)
First the heavy Mercenary tank by Critical Mass. Painted in a green/brown "NATO" scheme to make it fit in with the other tracked tanks I use for TW (mostly Leopard IIs and Fuchs) to represent the lower tech levels. These bulky 15mm models fit in perfectly with the 20mm figures I use.

Next two Grav APCs, also from the Mercenary faction. These are painted in my version of desert camo to make them fit in in the higher tech level grav contingents. A bit small for 20mm but it just works for a small APC, I think.

Next the Arc Fleet hevay grav tank, painted in the same desert camo. Note the 20mm tanker looking out of the hatch.

Finally a grav scout vehicle. I think of it as a SF Jeep :)

Here's the magnificent Khurasan APC. So large for 15mm that it is a perfect fit for 20mm and of course a dead ringer for the APC from "Aliens"!

For everyone who asks himself: where the hell do I find 20mm SF troops: try RH Models!
I might wish Rolf had a better site and a more admissable web shop, but his miniatures leave nothing to be desired! Here are the Colonial battletroops skulking through heavy terrain.


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