Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Battle

Last friday evening I hosted the annual Christmas battle on the last gaming night of the year. It is also a tradition that it is not a normal wargame, but always something pulpy, campy and weird! This year I took a leaf from the creations of Goscinny ands Uderzo and played a Gallic version of a classic tale: Orpheus and Eurydice.

Assurancetourix, the village bard (names may vary with the country the Asterix albums are published in) fell hopelessly in love with beautiful Walhalla. Seconds after she answered his love, a falling menhir tragically took her life. But Assurancetourix, knowing his classics, would not relent. He would enter the underworld and persuade the Lord of the Underworld with his song and music to release his love to the world of the living! And off he went.

His tribesmen knew he was brave, but they were also pretty sure that he was no Orpheus... So they decided to help him! And armed with magic potions, smelly fish and menhirs they set out to aid him in his quest.

 Here they are lined up before battle. It was a homespun card-driven game with a very simple combat system and some character bound skills (like Kostunrix' battle fish would always negate two enemy defence dice on any enemy with a nose....)

Undead Romans and tentacled demons thwarted the players in their race for victory: reuniting Walhalla with Assurancetourix (and preventing him to sing for the Lord of the Underworld, as this would piss him off mightily!)

The Underwordly playing table was improvised from some classic ruins, lots of gravestones and lots of black....

And some Christmas theme in the Lord of the Underworld's garments and throne decorations...

A dragon. Never leave home without one and have him roast some Gauls. Asterix was quite singed at this point.

The final scuffle for Walhalla. A bunch of boars race by to distract the players, in vain this time.....

And the winners: Briton cousin Flegmatix on the left and Abraracourcix, our Leader on the right.

And the entire crew.....

A fine chaotic game in traditional roaring Christmas style and a fine finish on the gaming year 2012. Fortunately the Apocalyps turned out to be late  :)

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  1. Looks like you had fun ;) Merry Christmas to you and the game.