Thursday, February 15, 2018

PolderCon 2018

Last weekend the annual PolderCon spectacle broke out. While no longer embroiled in the organisation I host a participation game each year. This year it was a Rogue Stars Mini Campaign in which pirates needed to find and steal a cargo and escape with a hijacked ship.

The players could choose from three different Pirate or Starcop crews.

There were of course many many more games. Since I was playing demo for most of the time I would sincerely like to thank all the people, known and unknown, who left me pictures for the next impression:

Bridge over the River Kwai

Bolt Action (I think)

Ghost Archipelago

Hans' fenomenal Barsaman game

The invasion of Breda including Peat ship

Dead Mans Hand Apocalyps

The battle of Kadesh in 2mm


Yours truly catching a breather in between games.

The spectacular Maas bridges game by May '40


Arena Rex

Black Ops WW2 demo-ed by its author

Imperial Assault 3D

It was a great gathering of games.