Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy New Year and an En Garde AAR!

A pictorial and AAR of an En Garde game I played with a pal during the Christmas holidays. Patrick thanks for all the pictures and writing the AAR here:


  1. Fantastic looking table. I don't suppose you have any posts on the 'making of' your table?

    1. Not specifically for this table. A lot of the terrain pieces are bought as they are. The iron fences are Lemax Christmas village stuff. The trees are cheap toys and some OOP Games Workshop trees. The ship is a Russian model of a caravel you can find at

      The houses are scratchbuilt by me and the how-to is here:

      The boards are simple foam slabs with masonry engraved in the sides and Lemax cobblestone mats (painted grey) on top of them. The water is a Lemax water mat.