Sunday, January 4, 2015

Trenton 1776: winter table

In order to play the Battle of Trenton I decided many moons ago to build me a winter table. Failing to complete it before Christmas I present it to you now. At least it's still winter here.

Top of the table runs Assunpink Creek, left top is the orchard and right center the town of Trenton. The Continental attack will in any case arrive from the top right and perhaps from other directions as well, depending on what I do with the scenario. 

I wanted to emphasize snow and cold so smoking chimneys were mandatory. They are made of stuff used to fill hamster's cages with.

Here the -now extinct-  New England Giant Cougar passes by. She is still in her winter coat; a perfect camouflage colour. If she lays still you can easily mistake her for a hill....

Unaware of war approaching, this 1/72 scaled citizen of New England transports his goods.

The morning patrol returning to Trenton.

A patrol of mounted Jaegers.

Jaegers guarding Assunpink Creek bridge.

Oberst Rall and a British acquintance of his on their morning ride.

The snowy fields East of Trenton.

The reverend preparing the sermon, seeking inspiration in the morning sun.

 Street views

Another shot of the morning patrol, looking past the Grenadiers Von Rall.

Some aerial pictures.

The terrain is made from two paper "snow" blankets sold around Christmas, glued together with PVA glue and painted with acrylics. Houses are either scratch built of papercraft houses, mainly from this site that hosts historical buildings from Illinois.

Fences are scratch built, walls are resin from some unknown manufacturer and the bare trees are bought on Ebay or at a Christmas sale (the snowy firs).


  1. The table looks very effective and I particulary like the roads and smoke from the chimneys.

  2. I agree it all looks very effective. I look forward to the battle. I just hope Rall keeps of the wine and wakes in time.

  3. Fantastic looking table. I can't tell if the shadows in the first pictures are natural or you set up the lighting like that. In either case, they are very atmospheric and wintery!

  4. Great set up and a really impressive shot of the New England Giant Cougar!

  5. Excellent looking terrain - overall a pleasing effect. What are the figures -1/72?

    1. Yes. Mostly plastics from various brands, reinforced with some Irregular metals. The figures in the pictures are HaT (Hessians, originally Prussians), Revell (mounted Jaeger and officers) and Imex (cart and reverend). I have amassed quite a collection so far.