Friday, April 6, 2012

Mobs, Cannon, Outhouses and demons.....

I have painted the last (for now ;o) of my Witchfinder General figures, mostly Warlord Games Miniatures reinforced with some miscellaneous stuff I had lying around. Below are the WG Clubmen in their role as Angry Villagers, traditionally equipped with pitchforks and torches. On the left you can see a plastic WG matchlock man and two lovely plastic pirates from an old Pressman boardgame I acquired years ago.

 As someone pointed out my tavern did not have a loo. Unable to cope with such a level of unrealism I felt compelled to correct this. Behold the Outhouse!

 Perhaps you´d better close the door, sir.....

A gallows for an upcoming WF scenario.

WG Saker gun and crew.

And if you roll a 6 on your Familiar roll you´ll get this! Does this look Familiar to you or not?


  1. You've got a bit of a Hellboy thing going on that familiar. In the group shot, I quite like the fellow on the left - nice layering of colours.

  2. Fantastic Familiar. The Tavern, gallows and outhouse are superb.