Saturday, March 31, 2012

Massive Dystopian Wars battle

Last night we played a massive -and in retrospect a bit too ambitious for one evening- Dystopian Wars battle. Over 2000 points of Covenant prowess took on a combined Prussian/American fleet. After a three-hour slugfest I yielded the victory to the Allies, having inflicted serious damage on the Prussians but my battleship was severely damaged and my supporting squadrons largely sunk. Here are some impressions:

 My utterly worthless armoured cruisers
 The Covenant carrier, with Galen Escorts
 The CoAN Daedalus overflying a squadron of destroyers.
 The American battleship.
 Arjan´s Prussian battlegroup
 More Americans...
 The CoAN Epicurus Skyfortress.
Prussian flying cigars

The ferocious battle on the right wing where my Air Fleet mauled the Prussians. No pictures seem to have been made of the left wing where my fleet was reputedly mauled by the Americans....


  1. Humongous! great stuff! can't wait till may 13nth

  2. Blijft mooi he? Ziet er goed uit!