Saturday, January 21, 2012

Witchfinder general sneak peek!

I have been happily painting away the last months and while I still have played only one game the supplies are piling up!

Weary travellers desperately defending themselves against werewolves.

 A witch hunter and a benign mage fending off Hellhounds at the mage´s cottage.

Witch hunters and villagers

 A Witchfinder and his force of musketeers and pikemen

The Forces of Evil: vampires and demons

A witch and her minions: a werewolf, a Nocterlinger and a Hellhound.

Flying Witches

Mounted troops led by a Witchfinder General scouring the countryside.


  1. These are fantastic! You've done a great job bringing out the character in these figs - who makes them?

  2. Glad you like them! They are quite a mixed bunch. The Travellers and witches are by West Wind (Gothic range), the vampires, demoness, werewolf, most of the villagers and witchfinders by Black Cat bases, the musketeers and pikemen by Warlord, the Hellhounds are plastic GW Wargs from their LOTR range, the horsemen are by Warlord and the late Vendel Miniatures and the Nocterlingers are Mantic ghouls.

  3. Pijlie,

    I can't believe I haven't found your blog before. Thanks for posting this on TMP.

    You really blended all the different minis in together well.

  4. Absolutely *great*, as a whole as well as for the 'character' of each miniature!
    Then, being a devoted fan of the mid-18th C. (the time of the 'Lace Wars') as a games setting, even for 'Pulp' adventures, I'm glad to see that one of the 'weary travelers' and several of the witchfinder's followers are in 18th C. dress, as are your (so beautifully done) 'vampires' -if a little traditionalist with regard to fashion :) . Indeed you Xposted to the 18th C. gallery, and I see soldiers in tricorne in your general background images...

    'Lacepulp' ('YW Pulp' / 18th C. Horror) is becoming popular, with a new 'commercial' game, 'Carnevale' (hopefully more successful than previous 'A Touch of Evil').
    I'm sure 'Witchfinder General' (as well as 'Witch Hunter: The Invisible World') could be set in some remote area during the 18th C. (the American Colonies, Transylvania...). Both 'Chaos in Carpathia' and 'Strange Aeons' (even 'extended') already proved suitable, and probably 'Malifaux' could be submitted to the 'translation'. While 'Pride & Prejudice & Zombies' (as well as 'Hellsing') could certainly be 're-enacted' by the time of Barry Lyndon....

    Whenever already wargaming in a suitable period -{the 18th C. for instance :) }, to set any try with a new genre (Colonial warfare, Horror, Pulp, Sci-Fi...) in the same period avoids dispersion (the bane of so many wargamers) and saves works and investment: you have to buy and paint only the new 'opposition'.

    If I may put forward a suggestion: since your blog covers very different periods and genres, what about *labeling* your posts? It can be done afterwards with the 'Edit posts' utility, and is not a chore as long as there not too many past posts to label. With time your blog will *grow* and become a library of inspiration and references: labels are very convenient and reader friendly to explore such archives, for the 'newbie' as well as for the veteran visitor in search of a reference or image...

    Looking eagerly forward to enjoy more: cheers!

    1. oh my, have you been abusy bee gain or what? nice mate, very nice indeed!

      cheers Sander

  5. Inspiring work - thanks for posting !