Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dystopian Wars battle

Last week Sander and I played a couple of DW battles. You can read his side of the AAR on his blog Modus Reg Magni Momenti. Using a bit of an experimental fleet I got clobbered through and well two times in a row! In my defence I can only say that there were two of them ;o) as Sander´s 4(?) months old son Arthur assisted him with his devastating dice rolling....

 Admiral Sander of Her Imperial Brittannian Majesty´s Navy contemplating another bucket of sixes...

 My fleet steaming towards its doom....

The Victors!


  1. OKay You got me.
    Now I am persuaded !!
    What do I need to have to play Dystopian Wars besides an indoor pool ?


  2. Sorry ;o)

    You need the rulebook, at minimum a starter fleet box but more realistically for about 50 euros of ships and an opponent of like mind, besides a bucket of dice and a large blue sheet. An opponent that knows the game is best since the rulebook is a bit if a mess, but it is a fun game.

  3. You Look Like A NailJanuary 29, 2012 at 1:04 AM

    DW is cheap to get into and lots of fun. And yeah, people who know the game do make things easier. The forums are generally friendly though, if you have questions.

    Also: nice ships!

  4. Cheers mate! Had a great time blasting you out of sea and air! BTW I uploaded a narrative batrep to the Spartan forum.

    Rene: he did that to me too! I suppose you have to both love AND hate JW ;-P

    Groetjes Sander (and Arthur)