Monday, July 2, 2018

Rome was not built in a day....part 2

Following part 1 here is the second phase of me building Rome.

Using self-adhesive cork sheet for windowsills and door posts. And mesh for the windows.

The roof base is posterboard, reinforced with cork triangles to keep the shape.

Some alternative positioning.

Rooftiles made from corrugated cardboard, scored to give the impression of rows of rooftiles.

And it still fits in that one box!

Spraypainting the parts. Grey underlayer and cream white light-up. The rooftiles are dark brown, to be highlighted with Blood Red.

More painting.

All the painted parts so far.

The balcony railings made from matchsticks. I was unsatisfied with my first attempt and threw that away. This looks much better.

And what will these be?
You will see...
In part 3!