Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Batman Kickstarter. Or How I Caved In Completely....

In case you have missed it so far I will -utterly without any remorse or accountability whatsoever- point you towards the current Monolith Kickstarter for their Batman Boardgame.

Based on their Conan game engine -in itself a fantastic game- this game will usurp a lot of my 2019 painting and gaming time after its release around April 2019.

Needless to say I went all-in.... :) 


  1. Me Not, but I did something else which is also completely stupid in the same way you guys did this, so I will only say: Good on you and enjoy!

  2. Stupid? Who's talking about stupid? This is a sound investment in my gaming future ;)

    1. No it's just plain stupid, but sometimes stupid is exactly what we need to keep our lives bearable eh?!