Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Peat Ship of Breda 1590 [EDIT scenario and rules published in WSS]

A pictorial report of our recent game playing the Peat Ship of Breda raid, a famous episode (at least in the Netherlands) of the Dutch Revolt.

Fabulous table by Patrick "Pats Laser Cuttings" Diederiks and Anton Boot. Figures painted by Julius van Roemburg and yours truly. Scenario and peat ship model by me.

Scenario and additional rules for Pikeman's Lament are published in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine nr 93, now available.


  1. Hi, I saw your link to this on LAF.
    An excellent report, beautiful buildings and a great looking game overall. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Simply outstanding terrain - well done to all!

  3. Looks brilliant, with fantastic buildings and terrain and figures ... all so evocative of the period. But what in the world are those shiny yellow circles?

    I'll have to look up the Peat Ship story, because (although my parents are Dutch) I've never heard it! Sods intriguing ...

    1. The yellow circles are light circles made by lanterns. The raid took place at night and the scenario allowed for sentries and limited visibility.

    2. Oh, that makes sense, now you explain it. Intriguing idea!

  4. .. .and here's the Peat Barge story: