Saturday, January 21, 2017

Raid on Isla de los Muertes

Once in a while my pals and I play a blast from the past: Legends of the High Seas by GW. Not the most fluid or innovative ruleset (it's Necromunda 5th or something edition) but very athmospheric nonetheless.

Here are some pictures of Matthijs great scenario and the beautiful island he built for it.

Isla de los Muertes

Capitaine LePouffe overseeing the operation

No less than 5 pirate crews attacked the island to relive the local cannibals of their hard-earned riches. 

The local congregation of the Dinosaur God

Crocodile River


  1. Great looking game. Love the paint job on the natives in particular. Very atmospheric. DEW

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful game, I love these spectacular pictures...epic!

  3. A fantastic looking game - On the Black Scorpian site now - Thanks for nudging me along... :-)

  4. Very very nice pictures, thanks for sharing this !

  5. Your game looks like so much fun! Wonderful terrain, boats and miniatures!
    Have you ever tried Pirates! by Flagship Games? I can really recommend the ruleset,
    but I'm not sure if it's still available.
    Cheers, Karl