Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year and a Little Scenario

I wish all you faithful and incidental readers of my blog a happy and fruitful 2017. May you all become annoyingly happy and filthy rich!

And for your perusal a little scenario for En Garde!

D’Artagnan has challenged all three Musketeers (in succession) to a duel and has met with them on a square with this intention. En Garde stats are as in the rulebook. All are armed with swords. The four are grouped together near the well.

Some Cardinal’s Guards enter the square to interrupt this and a fight quickly ensues.

Option 1: En Garde stats are Rocheford (General), one Q4 Officer and six Q3 guards. All are armed with swords.
Option 2: En Garde stats are one Q4 officer and five Q3 Guards. Are all armed with swords and pistols

The fight takes place on a square. In the middle stands a well. Two laundry lines holding up large sheets cross the square. Several tables-and-stools, barrels and crates are littering the square. One or two carts might provide some additional cover or terrain. Perhaps the odd tree?

Victory Conditions
The Musketeers must kill, dispatch or drive off all the Guards to win.
The Guards must kill, dispatch or drive off all the Musketeers to win.  Musketeers will cease being Fearless as soon as they suffer 50% Critical casualties or at least three Musketeers are Grievously Wounded. .

A figure may kick-and-roll a barrel or throw a stool or another piece of small furniture when it is in base contact with the object at the start of the Action.

Throwing stools and other small furniture barrels counts as a Ranged Throwing Attack at -1 to Hit and +1 to Wound.

A figure may kick a barrel towards an enemy. This is also a Ranged attack (pistol Range, -1 To Hit, +1 to Wound). A barrel hit will knock down a figure as well, even if no Stun/Wound is suffered.

Missing barrel attacks are performed with an Artillery and scatter die. The scatter die result is “mirrored” in that the barrel will always roll away from the attacker within his frontal 180 degrees. Any (unintentional) hit will knock down its victim as well.

Laundry may be used as interactive terrain with some form of cover. Laundry will of course offer no protective cover, but may obstruct line of sight. Close Combat may take place through a piece of laundry.

Making a Ranged Attack on a figure obscured by laundry suffers a -1 To Hit.

Any Parry performed behind a piece of laundry gains a +1 chance on success.

Any Close Combat Attack through a piece of laundry that fails to hit and yields double scores gets the attacking weapon tangled in the laundry. The Attacker must sacrifice an Attack or Defense chit to disentangle it or –when no chits are left available- use an Action to do so.  If the figure Moves before he can disentangle his weapon, the weapon is lost on that spot.

The winner will, of course, be bedecked with Eternal Glory!

As it turned out we used Option 3: Rocheford, an officer and 4 Guards all armed with swords and pistols, resulting in a narrow win for the Musketeers with Rocheford slipping away at the last moment and all Musketeers wounded but victorious!


  1. Now this looks exciting, how about Musketeers sword fighting among the washing?

  2. All lovely, the figures have a real mix of elegance and haughty arrogance about them.

  3. Cool game idea
    I can see the film playing in my minds eye :)

  4. Where did you get your musketeer and guard figures?

  5. They are from Redoubt Enterprises. See here

  6. Any rules/die roll for cutting down the clothes line?

    1. I decided against that. It's more fun being an obstacle.