Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I've seen the light! Bigger is better!

Last week I finally succumbed to the demands of old age; I bought a magnifying light!

I should have done that years ago. Not only does my regular painting spot (the dinner table and a slab of MDF) have crappy light but well, the eyes don't get any better after 40....

Not having a fixed spot to paint and having to clean everything up after painting I looked for a small light I could place before me. This one has a circular neon lamp that throws near-perfect white light which is better than anything I have ever painted by.

It takes some getting used to. The depth perspective is completely different. It took me some time to be able to control the brush under the big lens and working with the little lens still gives me trouble. But I'll get there.

And I am finding out that while my eyesight is not getting any better, the hands are still steady. Below is a Zvezda 1/72 figure painted under the mag-light. You can see it standing on the slab on the lower left as well as below, photographed in close-up.

Not bad, huh?


  1. Ah man, I literally just did the same thing! I'm really liking mine so far, it's very similar to yours. I agree that it does take some getting used to!

  2. Wow! I might have to buy one of those too, at the old age of 48!