Wednesday, September 25, 2013

British Legion Cavalry!

Below my ersatz cavalry for the British Legion in the AWI. Figures are British Light Cavalry from the Egyptian Campaign made by Strelets in 1/72 scale (obviously!)

Strelets does not always get the best reviews and do use a singular sculpting style you either love or hate. They did however produce a very nice set here, for a unique theatre of war and IMO eminently suitable for the AWI, in itself a rare period.


  1. They look excellent, well painted!!

  2. Great paintjob and beautiful minis, I do like the poses!

  3. I fall in the "hate-Strelets" category but I love your paintjob well done that man! I would say I'd like to beat them on the tabletop but I usually play the Brits so it would be a bit difficult :-)

    Cheers Mate!