Saturday, May 11, 2013

Impressions of Indiana Jones Game

The table at the outset 

A sample Team sheet

The Jones Team

Wu Manchu's team 

Maj Helga and her Thule Commando

The perfidious Stahlhelm and his henchmen

The first game in full swing

The perfidious Stahlhelm cowering cowardly behind some scenery

Yikes! Snakes! Fortunately the brainswashed Dacoits of Dr Wu Manchu aren't afraid of anything...

Some gross overestimating of German driving skills resulted in this monumental SNAFU.

Maj Helga speeds on to a glorious victory

Someone managed to start the plane...

..although the steering controls remain a mystery....

Aerial view of the table. 


  1. Cool game JW.
    Looked very quiet at the show ?

  2. Marvelous looking game/terrain and figures. Best, Dean

  3. Great pics of a great looking game. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks! The show was reasonably well visited due to a Dutch Championship in some game and a club meeting. But the pictures show a part of the entrance where few people lingered.

  5. Hoi JW, sorry I could not be present seeing the high quality of your demo game. I did notice they've put you up next to the stage? Not the best of places I think. Oh well I am looking forward to our demo at the IMPACT on May 26th ;-)

    Cheers Sander

  6. Thanks for the great game! I found it very hilarious and just amazing for what it did. I want to offer my painting, modeling en game designing help for if you need some extra vision or a hand or two if time is pressing. Just consider that :). Cheers, ivo