Sunday, January 20, 2013

Man Cave: storage space for gaming stuff:

After years and years I finally have my den, my Man Cave! Modest, I admit, but still I managed to store my entire wargames collection and library there. It is complete with comfy chair for the cat (and I can sit there as well when she's away), music an copious amounts of books and stuff! 

When hauling my stuff into the room, which came from all over the house and the shed, I encountered several things that must have been left by strangers, since I have no idea how I acquired them, and at least one unit of troops apparently painted and based by myself of which I had no memory at all when and why I did this or when I even bought them. It's a mystery....


  1. Its moments like that (not remembering that you painted the unit) when remarks from the family about megalomaniacy start to sink in and touch your brain that somewhere there must be some thruth in their remarks.......altough it does not prevent one from collecting more of course..

  2. Well, it is a hobby room you know ;o)

    No, it's a marionet, a souvenir we bought in Ireland ages ago that I refused to throw away.

  3. And of course I am the best person in the world to judge the fact that I am a megalomaniac or not!

    Heh heh

  4. I would like to shore a good storage idea too.. :) for example it's very original idea to root a bra on wall and to put some things into helix :)