Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dystopian Bog-A-Ten

Last week we played a massive battle with the Dystopian Wars rules. We decided to mix it up with the classic demo game Bog-A-Ten. If you have never heard of it, click on the link for this magnificent little demo.

We managed to fit 5 players in a day long hunt for the golden Secret of Atlantis, hidden in the Atlantean temple on the center island. Players were tasked with finding clues on the island, using their land troops to battle hostile forts, dinosaurs and erupting volcanoes. All ships were issued the ability to carry tanks and to land their Assault Points as Marines on the islands.

 Here you see the table at the start of the game, still very neat.....

Japanese flyer firing at the fortification on the island in the background.

Another overview of the table from the opposite side. Note the KoB fleet landing tanks on the island in the foreground.

Covenant flyers landing walkers on an island, looking for clues to enter the Temple at a later stage.

The central island with the Atlantean Temple, still peaceful at this point...

Sea monsters attacking Brittannian cruiser. Weren´t these an extinct species you ask? Well, after this fight they were....

Various fleets converging on the island in a last bid for the Endgame.

The chaotic battle at the end. Note the tanks and walkers from various factions slugging it out. The cardboard counters are infantry (AP) landing on the island as marines.

And the Winner! Officially he had to exit the table as well, but it was almost five o´clock and the convention was closing, so we decided that first grabs determined the winner.

As this game was a testrun for the Great Garden Battle for this summer, I can look forward to another run in a few months. The rules worked quite well, only requiring some tuning down of hostile cities and monsters.

A very enjoyable day by all accounts!


  1. Great looking game JW and a real shame I could not attend. My son had his championship match on the day. Hopefully next time my "Prussian" Naval Battlegroup can take part in the naval excercises.

  2. it was a great game indeed, and not just because I won! great players, rules and GM well done that man

  3. I agree with Paint-in - terrific looking table / game. Looks like fun, too!

  4. Nice to see old Bog-A used as was intended. Inspirational.

    Malcolm Randle

  5. Wow! I knew I recognized your name! I am deeply honoured and pleased. I will now go and do the Happy Dance!

    Glad you liked my interpretation.